32 Creative Bicycle Storage Ideas: Decorative, Stylish, Colorful

When you look at the picture below, does it look familiar? Well hopefully your situation is not that bad, however as your family grows or your hobby of biking becomes a lifestyle, you naturally find yourself in need of more storage space for your stuff.

Here are 32 creative ideas that will hopefully provide some answers for you. Some are small, a couple may seem like a bit out there but overall they are all very cool, stylish way to store your bicycles.

Let’s get started.

Decorative Bike Racks

Quareterre Studio’s Branchline, looks like a bookshelf you can put against a wall in your apartment, the difference is, it is made for bikes. It can hold up to two bikes.

Provided by trendhunter.com

Walnut by Artifox is almost a piece of art. It looks awesome with a bike or without the bike. It rests vertically against the wall and it is made in the USA. If walnut-finish isn’t your style, it is also available in maple.

Provided by theartifox.com

The Hottie by Saris is a freestanding bike holder. It holds up to two bikes.  Its name says it all.

Provided by Saris

If you want conversation starters as well as beautiful bike racks for your bike. Check out the next two below. They are decorative and stylish with or without the bikes.

Provided by illinois-criminaldefense.com

Talk about multi-functional and stylish furniture. Space saving bike rack design by Manuel Rossel

Provided by hiconsumption.com

You don’t like a bulky treadmill in the middle of your apartment. Well, I don’t know if you can actually use your bike like a treadmill with this design, but it sure looks cool. And with some innovative modifications, who knows, maybe you can turn it into a stationary bike.

Provided by storemuu.com

Who needs a painting when you can hang your bike on the wall and display at proudly as a piece of art. Cycloc lets you do that and makes it look good.

Provided by Cycloc

Do you have a staircase with space underneath? Don’t let it go to waste, use it as a bike rack.

Provided by remodelista.com

This is one of the coolest ideas to use bike parts to up-cycle. Turn them into wall-mounted bike racks for your home.

Provided by behance.net

Eco-friendly indoor bike rack that can hold up to four bikes.

Provided by inhabitat.com

I am just going to let the picture do all the talking for this one.

Provided by vadolibero.com

This one is called the Railroad Tie bike rack. It is designed to look like a cross tie for a train track.

Provided by trendhunter.com

This guy found a way to store his bike inside a tiny house.

Provided by curbed.com

Bike racks shelves

Cool wood wall mounted bike rack/shelf. This one proves that your bikes can bike used a decoration for your apartment as well. Not only a bike rack for a single bike, it can also provide some shelf space.

Provided by brandsfloor.com

I just love the simplicity of it.

Provided by CB2 exclusive

Provided by Kappo

Dahanger gives you a design small enough to display a framed photo but big enough to hold your bike.

Provided by Dahanger

Do you like the idea of a bike rack that is also a small shelf but want a different look? Here is MAMA.

Provided by behance.net

Provided by newyorkmrkt.com

Outdoors bike racks

Provided by inhabitat.com

Yes, I know this one isn’t as ‘stylish’ as the other ones but if you have some used tires, why not?

Provided by recyclart.org

The Yardstash III is designed to keep your gear dry and accessible.

Provided by Yardstash

A bike shed for your bikes.

Provided by freshome.com

Pullouts, such a neat idea.

Provided by trendhunter.com

And others

Easy to install and colorful

Provided by Cycloc

Provided by getclug.com

You can read a detailed review of the CLUG here.

Admit it this would be cool if you had the space for it.

Provided by housely.com

Or this one

Provided by desiretoinspire.net

This might work for your garage

Provided by bikehugger.com

Keep your bike inside your apartment without making a mess.

provided by velosock.com

And finally, I had to mention al least one DIY bike rack.

provided by hertoolbelt.com




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