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Need a bike rack for an electric bike? Kuat 2.0. may be what you need

About 3 months ago, I was driving casually heading back home and then one not so fun thing happened. Smoke coming out of my car’s engine. Thankfully, I was driving slow enough and close to a Wawa that I was able to pull up into the parking lot and, with a ton of questions in my head, I called a very good friend of mine to see if he can tow my car and maybe provide some answers. Long story short, cracked engine block.

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Need A Travel Trailer Bike Rack? Hollywood HR135 Might Be The One

image by National Park Service

Camping is one of the best ways to spend some quality with our loved ones.  I don’t own an RV myself, but I have a couple of friends who love their RV’s, they go camping at least once a month, especially during the summer. Being a blogger for a bike related website, I asked myself, what is a good travel trailer, or RV, a bike rack that I can recommend to them if they ever ask me:). Funny thing is there aren’t a lot of bike racks specifically for those who tow an RV or a boat.

Tow’N GO by Hollywood racks is pretty much the only one that I can find that has a good amount of history and good reviews. So I decided to share what I have found, hopefully, you will find it helpful.

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Have a bike but not enough space to store? The Clug, tiny bike rack, big solution

I have been on a minimalist kick lately. I have recently written an article about bike travel bags while researching how to store your bike in a tiny home. Then I asked myself, ‘if you don’t have a lot of space, or a garage to store your bike, or you live in a small apartment, and don’t want to buy a travel bag, how do you store your bike?” That’s when I remembered THE tiny bike rack.

Funny thing is, I already sort of have a blog about this but, I just wanted to concentrate on the smallest one with the smallest footprint. Not to mention a very cool simple design.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I give you THE CLUG.

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Looking For a Longboard Surfboard Bike Rack? Read my MBB review

A while back I wrote a blog post about surfboard bike racks. I hadn’t heard about surfboard racks before, I am not a surfer, but the idea of having a rack that you can install on your bike to carry a surfboard was, and still is, interesting.

I have been reading and researching about biking and hiking activities that you can do at the beach (I guess I don’t want to admit that summer is almost over :)), and the surfboard rack popped up on my google page again.  I have decided to write a more detailed blog about one of the most popular ones (according to Amazon customers) hoping that I can provide some quick but good information people that are interested in a longboard surfboard bike rack.

Here is what I have found.

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Allen S104 4-Bike Rack Review: I’ve Read Over 200 Feedbacks For You


I have been meaning to write another review for another bike rack for a while now, and a little bit of research has made me realize that there is a good amount of people out there that wants to know more about Allen’s Premier 4 bike trunk rack, S104. So I decided to read all the feedbacks on Amazon and compile them into a review so I can save you save time if you are one of those people looking for more info on this model.

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Top 6 Surfboard Bike Racks: One of them may be just perfect for you

Image provided by

I hadn’t heard of surfboard bike racks until I started doing some research for bike racks for this blog. I am not a surfer myself, although I have always loved watching them.  I spent a good amount of time watching the surfers when I visited Manhattan Beach in California a few years back.  They are a talented bunch, to say the least.

I assumed they either carried their surfboards to the beach or just used their cars. If the beach is a walking distance away, looks like there is a cheaper way to bring your surfboard to the beach with you and save some gas along the way.  Ride your bike, warm up the legs and bring your surfboard with you. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.

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8 Best Trunk Mount Bike Racks: Read our review and save yourself time

With so many different brands and models, it can be quite time-consuming to research and decide which bike rack may be the best for your needs. Additionally, “best” is one of those words that is very subjective. “Best” can mean inexpensive bike rack or a bike carrier that fits perfectly on a car that has a spoiler, or great for a minivan.

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Allen Bike Rack Review: All the details you need know

In this article, we are going to review another major brand name you may have come across in your search for a quality bike rack for your vehicle. Allen sports was founded in 1967 by Dick Allen, a Harvard-educated physicist. Like so many others, he started in his garage, however, unlike many others, he transformed his hobby and need for a bike carrying device for him and his family into a successful multi-million dollar business.

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