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Need a bike rack for an electric bike? Kuat 2.0. may be what you need

About 3 months ago, I was driving casually heading back home and then one not so fun thing happened. Smoke coming out of my car’s engine. Thankfully, I was driving slow enough and close to a Wawa that I was able to pull up into the parking lot and, with a ton of questions in my head, I called a very good friend of mine to see if he can tow my car and maybe provide some answers. Long story short, cracked engine block.

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A newbie’s guide to fat biking: Why I am saving money to buy a fat bike

Mature Wheel Fatbike Cycling Bike Rim Spokes

I had never heard of fat biking until I started doing some research for a bike rack for a truck. One of the search results was a bike rack that can carry a fat tire bike.  Apparently, fat bikes or fat tire bikes have become quite popular, and I never got the memo:). So, after reading a number of articles, the idea of a bike that lets me ride year round, in the snow, mud, sand has become more and more appealing.

I am still a beginner on this subject and do not own a fat bike yet, but I am very much interested in saving money to buy one. I wanted to share my reasons, that way maybe I can answer some of the questions you might be asking if you are a newbie like me.

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