10 Great Ideas For Repurposing Your Old Bike Parts: Don’t Waste Them Upcycle Them

Image by www.theartofupcycling.com

Repurposing or upcycling has been a very popular subject for many years now. I personally have friends that turned it into a business. They are not only helping the environment but helping themselves making a living and enjoying the creative process along the way. Bikers tend to be practical when it comes to reusing stuff, so I decided to look into repurposing old bike parts and see what I can learn and share with the internet.

Here are 10 great ideas. Don’t throw away your old bike parts, use them for one of these. Or if you don’t feel like doing it yourself, I bet you can find someone that can do them for you.  For most of these, I will let the photos do the talking, here we go.

1 – Lamps

This ceiling lamp is a great way to use the old bike rims with some rusty old license plates.  The rustier the better, I think 🙂

Image by idlights.com

If you have the space for it, here is a bigger one that lets you use multiple rims.

Image by dhgate.com

A 17-inch bike rim, bicycle chains, and some creativity. The result is a gorgeous chandelier.

Image by etsy.com

You don’t want a big chandelier, go for this one. Use your old bike gear cassette.

Image by etsy.com

Wall lamp made from bike handlebars (this one is 1970’s Schwinn but you can use whatever you have)

Image by etsy.com

A beautiful industrial – steampunk look for a desk lamp.

Image by idlights.com

Three desk lamps, all created by using old bike parts.

Image by upcycledzine.com

2 – Clocks

Of all the ideas reusing old bike parts, if you are a fan of steampunk and or industrial look, clocks seem to be a natural fit for repurposing old bike parts.

A bike gear clock, you can do so many different variations of this, I just picked a simple one. Still looks awesome in my opinion.

Image by smokedglassgoggles.co.uk

Bike crack arm clock. Chose the color, I guess you can even paint it any color you want as well.

Image by Etsy.com

Keep the tire on or off, your choice

Image by treadandpedals.com.au

Image by thebigdesignmarket.com

Image by Mpora

A cog desk clock, you can change the background color any way you want.

Image by treadandpedals.com.au

I believe these are actually motorcycle parts, but you get the idea.

Image by guzzigazz.tumblr.com

3 – Mirrors

I know I am repeating myself but tire on or off.

Image by  Mpora

Do you need a jewelry stand with a mirror? Here is one.

Image by uncommongoods.com

Bam Bams BBQ uses a bike rim as a mirror, why can’t you?

4 – Pot Rack

Have lots of pots and pans and no way to store them, this will solve your problem and look cool.

Image by drew nowhere

5 – Furniture

Nice glass table

Image by bikecommuters.com

If you have used bike tires lying around, don’t throw them away, these guys used them to make adjustable bookshelves.

Images by systemdesignstudio.blogspot.com

Bar stools from bike seats

Bicycle Bar Stool | Kc Designs with regard to Bicycle Bar Stool For Property – NewWay

A very colorful table

 Image by bikefurniture.com

6 – Hangers

Do you need hangers for your clothes?

Image by Cycle Hangers by Oliver Staiano

Image by jskdna.com

Can’t get any simpler than this.

Image by ecofriend.org

7 – Toilet paper holder

Admit it, this would be a conversation starter for your guests.

Image by etsy.com

8 – Coasters

Image by removeandreplace.com

9 – Candle holders

Image by hative.com

10 – Wall Art

You can let your imagination go wild

Image by etsy.com

Image by etsy.com

Image by etsy.com

I can keep adding photo after photo here but I think these give a good enough idea what you can do with some of your old bike parts. They can still be a part of life, even if you are not using them to ride:)

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