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Do you find biking boring? Try these ideas to make biking fun again!

image by Mountain biking Australia

Do you love biking but sometimes find yourself thinking “this is starting to be boring, I am riding around the same paths, or biking around my neighborhood, just to be biking”? For most of us, biking is a way to get a great exercise and gives us a reason to be outside instead of sitting on the couch watching TV.  However, just like anything in life, if we don’t mix it up once in while it starts to feel like work more than fun.  Well, here are some ways you can change it up a little bit.

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17 Great Bike Rides With An Ocean View: From CA to MA

When I was a kid, we used to drive to our vacation destination as a family. We did not fly, too expensive at the time, so we used to pack the car and drive 10 – 12 hours. I loved it, to this day I prefer driving to flying. The best part of the whole journey was when I knew we were getting close to the sea, I knew right after the next drive up the hill, I was going to be able to see the ocean. That initial view of the ocean when you clear that hill, or make the next turn has always been my favorite “high”. I am smiling as I am writing this, I can vividly picture it in my head.

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A newbie’s guide to fat biking: Why I am saving money to buy a fat bike

Mature Wheel Fatbike Cycling Bike Rim Spokes

I had never heard of fat biking until I started doing some research for a bike rack for a truck. One of the search results was a bike rack that can carry a fat tire bike.  Apparently, fat bikes or fat tire bikes have become quite popular, and I never got the memo:). So, after reading a number of articles, the idea of a bike that lets me ride year round, in the snow, mud, sand has become more and more appealing.

I am still a beginner on this subject and do not own a fat bike yet, but I am very much interested in saving money to buy one. I wanted to share my reasons, that way maybe I can answer some of the questions you might be asking if you are a newbie like me.

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10 Great Ideas For Repurposing Your Old Bike Parts: Don’t Waste Them Upcycle Them

Image by www.theartofupcycling.com

Repurposing or upcycling has been a very popular subject for many years now. I personally have friends that turned it into a business. They are not only helping the environment but helping themselves making a living and enjoying the creative process along the way. Bikers tend to be practical when it comes to reusing stuff, so I decided to look into repurposing old bike parts and see what I can learn and share with the internet.

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Need A Travel Trailer Bike Rack? Hollywood HR135 Might Be The One

image by National Park Service

Camping is one of the best ways to spend some quality with our loved ones.  I don’t own an RV myself, but I have a couple of friends who love their RV’s, they go camping at least once a month, especially during the summer. Being a blogger for a bike related website, I asked myself, what is a good travel trailer, or RV, a bike rack that I can recommend to them if they ever ask me:). Funny thing is there aren’t a lot of bike racks specifically for those who tow an RV or a boat.

Tow’N GO by Hollywood racks is pretty much the only one that I can find that has a good amount of history and good reviews. So I decided to share what I have found, hopefully, you will find it helpful.

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Have a bike but not enough space to store? The Clug, tiny bike rack, big solution

I have been on a minimalist kick lately. I have recently written an article about bike travel bags while researching how to store your bike in a tiny home. Then I asked myself, ‘if you don’t have a lot of space, or a garage to store your bike, or you live in a small apartment, and don’t want to buy a travel bag, how do you store your bike?” That’s when I remembered THE tiny bike rack.

Funny thing is, I already sort of have a blog about this but, I just wanted to concentrate on the smallest one with the smallest footprint. Not to mention a very cool simple design.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I give you THE CLUG.

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EVOC Bike Travel Bag: For storage, travel or both? Read my review and find out

For the past year or so I have been a tiny bit obsessed with tiny homes (no pun intended). About a week ago, I was thinking about how people that live in these small spaces come up with very creative ways to store their stuff.  Then I wondered how they find a space for their bikes, as most of the tin homeowners seem to be outdoorsy types, I assumed they would be into biking. This led me to EVOC travel bag. I had never heard of this company before or people shipping their bikes all over the world for that matter. Here are the results of my research, hope you find it valuable.

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Looking For a Longboard Surfboard Bike Rack? Read my MBB review

A while back I wrote a blog post about surfboard bike racks. I hadn’t heard about surfboard racks before, I am not a surfer, but the idea of having a rack that you can install on your bike to carry a surfboard was, and still is, interesting.

I have been reading and researching about biking and hiking activities that you can do at the beach (I guess I don’t want to admit that summer is almost over :)), and the surfboard rack popped up on my google page again.  I have decided to write a more detailed blog about one of the most popular ones (according to Amazon customers) hoping that I can provide some quick but good information people that are interested in a longboard surfboard bike rack.

Here is what I have found.

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Allen S104 4-Bike Rack Review: I’ve Read Over 200 Feedbacks For You


I have been meaning to write another review for another bike rack for a while now, and a little bit of research has made me realize that there is a good amount of people out there that wants to know more about Allen’s Premier 4 bike trunk rack, S104. So I decided to read all the feedbacks on Amazon and compile them into a review so I can save you save time if you are one of those people looking for more info on this model.

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10 Best Inflatable SUP Paddle Boards: Why Rack them when you can deflate them

Image by Hairi

Paddleboarding has become quite popular in the last few years. Great way to exercise while enjoying the view. A lot of people use them for yoga, I think those people are talented, I don’t think I have that kind of core balance.

One problem with paddle boards is storage and or transportation. The solution: inflatable paddle boards. I think it is a brilliant idea, to be able to fit your SUP board in a backpack. No need for a roof rack for your car, or wall mount or any other mounts for your garage.

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